BAR - Champagne Bucket
h:25cm, BR17 Clear glass and clean design - combined to perfection. With soft-curvin..
Ex Tax: £45.83
BAR - Ice Lip Jug
2.65L, BR14 For a picher of bitter lemon, fruit punch, fruity Pimms or cool iced wat..
Ex Tax: £30.79
BAR - Set of 4 Long Drink Glasses
Bar Set of 4 Long Drink Glasses - handmade 250ml Created by Monika Lubkowska-Jonas, Bar p..
Ex Tax: £31.25
BAR - Set of 4 Tumblers
Bar Set of 4 Tumblers - handmade 250ml Created by Monika Lubkowska-Jonas, Bar presents a ..
Ex Tax: £31.25
FLOWER - Globe Vase 24cm
 h: 24 cm,   ..
Ex Tax: £39.13
Flower - Posy Vase
 h:17.5cm, FW02 An elegant all-rounder, this handmade gift-boxed vase suits eve..
Ex Tax: £13.75
Flower - Sprig Vase
h:11cm, FW01 A beautiful little handmade vase for a sprig, perfect for decorating di..
Ex Tax: £10.42
FLOWER - Table Bouquet Vase
 h:17 cm, FW03 Whether for deep winter or high summer floral displays thi..
Ex Tax: £17.92
Hollow Stem Champagne Flutes - Set of 2
200ml per glass. Handmade LSA ..
Ex Tax: £14.13
Serve - Bowl Tall
dia:23cm, SZ09 Generous, practical and beautifully proportioned, this tall bowl is i..
Ex Tax: £34.96
SERVE - Clear Jug 325ml
Clear 325ml   Height 11cm ..
Ex Tax: £12.08
SERVE - Comport Low
dia:31cm With its elegant wide bowl and footed base, this handmade comport is gift-boxed and ..
Ex Tax: £43.33
Serve - Comport Tall
dia:22cm, SZ08 This tall comport looks wonderful when filled with layered trifle or winter co..
Ex Tax: £33.29
SERVE - Condiment Pot & Scoop set of 2
Clear Height 8cm each   ..
Ex Tax: £34.58
SERVE - Honey Pot & Dipper
h:12.5cm Drizzle golden honey from this mouthblown glass honeypot with its hand-finished natu..
Ex Tax: £30.42
Serve - Sauce boat & Scoop
h:14.5cm, Ideal for summer dressings or cranberry sauce this handmade piece is a delight. Pr..
Ex Tax: £30.42